About Us

Worship Encounter was formed out of a desire to see the body of Christ grow in their relationship with the Father through worship. One of the ways we do this is by hosting worship evenings at churches. This gives churches the time to set aside specifically for worship and waiting on the Lord.

The Team

Nigel Lurrie

Nigel is called to be a facilitator in the body of Christ. He has a passion to see people’s lives changed, and the best place to start is in the presence of God. He sees Worship Encounter as an instrument that God can use to create an environment where people who are seeking an encounter with Him can come and meet with Him through the vehicle of music in an atmosphere of worship.

With over 15 years' pastoring experience, he is passionate about leadership development and regularly trains and mentors church leaders in the UK and Zimbabwe.


Nigel has had the privilege of teaching and facilitating worship not just in the UK and his country of his birth, Zimbabwe, but also in Brazil, Finland, Holland and South Africa.

Caron Lurrie

Caron loves to worship the Lord, because she believes in His presence we are reminded of how awesome He is, and also who we are in Him.


She has been involved in music ministry for over 30 years, having being a part of worship teams and bands not only in her native Zimbabwe, but also in the UK.


Caron is passionate about having a spirit of excellence in ministry, and has carried out vocal training with a variety of worship teams over the years.

Nukuna Halle

Nukuna Halle is an accomplished drummer and percussionist. A native of Cameroon, Nuks grew up surrounded by music being the son of a musician.

He has a heart for worship, and for people to grow in their relationship with the Father. He is also very passionate about musicianship and passing his skills and training on to the next generation. As a result he is kept busy with a regular group of drum/percussion students.


Nuks has worked with many musicians and bands in a variety of genres, and has also taught drumming at various workshops and seminars.

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